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As her senior year approaches, Layla has conflicting emotions, wondering if Olde Earth is truly the best place for her. Sure, the Academy is the only school that caters to her elven abilities. But she could finish high school anywhere. Like somewhere without angry relatives jealous of her powers. Or someplace where the school's council doesn't threaten her life with uncontrollable experiments.

Yet as classes resume, she's not the only one lacking a sense of welcome. One instructor disappears, another resigns.

There are bound to be adjustments as students prepare to transition to life after graduation, but Layla must first choose in which direction she wants to continue. In order to plan for her future, she needs to find the courage to defend who she is—and not let her powers decide her fate.

Victory is the fourth and final book of the high school years of the Olde Earth series, which continues in Challenged, the first of the college years.
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