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WATCH: Mica Soellner joins FreedomWorks’ Inside the Story

Congressional reporter Mica Soellner joins FreedomWorks' Inside The Story to discuss the Virginia gubernatorial race and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's push to force a vote on infrastructure before the August recess. Published July 23, 2021

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No farm in ‘windfarm’

Your newspaper should stop supporting "doublespeak" when covering projects that aim to generate electricity using wind ("Biden proposes new windmill farms along huge swaths of U.S. coastline," Web, March 29). First, the use of the term "windmill" is simply an obfuscation. The word conjures up benign images of Holland and farms. The use of the term then leads to the truly misleading description of "wind farms" when describing a collection of wind turbines, giving these blights on the landscape a romantic and benign cover. They are neither. Published March 30, 2021