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Tim Constantine

Tim Constantine hosts "The Capitol Hill Show" every weekday from Washington, D.C., broadcasting to listeners all across the United States. He combines his background in TV and radio, his experience in public office, his controversial fall from grace and his hard-nose business approach with his understated sense of humor for the most-entertaining radio program anywhere.

Tim has the unique position among talk radio's elite as having been on the other side of the interview microphone almost as much as he's been the one asking the questions. Never mean, but always seeking truth and accuracy, he is a breath of fresh air in today's world of mindless talking points from the left or the right. He is "America's Voice of Reason." He can be reached at [email protected].

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When Biden and Pelosi served in Congress during the Roosevelt administration

When I was a child my parents knew a woman who would come and stay with my brothers and sisters and me on the extremely rare occasion that both my Mom and Dad were away at the same time. Mom was a full-time Mom so this nearly never occurred, but once in a blue moon, my parents would allow themselves a romantic getaway from their five children. The woman who watched us went on to her eternal reward long ago but out of respect, I will not call her by her real name. For this column, she will be Margaret. Published May 19, 2022

America has a stalker: The Democrats

Merriam Webster defines the word Stalker as "a person who pursues someone obsessively and aggressively to the point of harassment." Stalkers have often experienced unrequited love, that is, having feelings of affection, real or imagined, for another that are not returned. Often the stalker begins with gentle, loving gestures such as flowers and sweet words, but when the object of their affection isn't open to his or her advances, the stalker is stunned and hurt. Published May 7, 2022

The tragic suicide of Mickey Mouse

Corporate logos are, in many ways, the face of a business. Much like when you unexpectedly recognize a friend from your old neighborhood it puts you at ease, a familiar corporate image can provide a sense of comfort, safety and security. Published April 26, 2022

Biden’s oil fix is like teenage binge drinking

Roughly forty years ago, while enjoying the various relatively innocent components of my high school years including Student Council, JV Basketball and Speech Club, I had a surprisingly deep conversation with a close friend who had managed to develop a habit of drinking alcohol to excess nearly every weekend. I couldn't understand the appeal of such reckless behavior and shared my concern. My friend explained that the buzz provided by the booze helped him escape his perceived problems, at least for a few hours. I remember staring him straight in the eye and earnestly asking, "...but aren't the problems still there when you've sobered up?" Published April 1, 2022

Old dog, new tricks: Lessons for Joe Biden amid sky high gas prices

Donald Trump's final year as President was 2020. The average closing price of oil that year was $39.68 a barrel. The year before that it had been 56.99 a barrel. At one point this past week oil was trading as high as $138 a barrel. That's a ridiculously steep increase, a huge hit on every Mom that drives her children to school, to every truck driver delivering food to your local grocery store and to every delivery of all those items Amazon drops on your front doorstep. Published March 11, 2022

The State of Confusion address

Tuesday night President Joe Biden delivered his first official State of the Union address to Congress and to the American people. Published March 2, 2022

Science says natural immunity is better than the vaccine. I told you so

There is an old phrase out there among those who like to smugly remind you they were right all along that goes something like this: "I don't mean to say I told you so, but..." which is inevitably followed by gloating that they were indeed correct all along. Published February 7, 2022

Insurrection, Donald Trump and The Joker

What exactly is an insurrection? With January 6 upon us, the word is being bandied about by the mainstream media like a barker selling cotton candy at the county fair. Published January 6, 2022

Omicron variant may be good news

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is among us and spreading rapidly. Is it time to panic? Is it time to run home and hibernate, donning a face mask and rubber gloves any time one interacts with family? From many of the media reports and from the doom and gloom forecast of President Biden, one would think so. Yet statistics and science tell a different story. Published December 23, 2021

Why Jussie Smollett matters

Television actor Jussie Smollett was recently convicted of five felonies. Published December 20, 2021

Transgenderism: It’s time to state the obvious

Dr. Rachel Levine was appointed by President Joe Biden in October as a four-star admiral, the highest-ranking official in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Published December 9, 2021