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Thom Loverro

Thom Loverro has been a professional journalist since 1977, working for a number of newspapers, including eight years as a news editor and reporter for The Baltimore Sun, where he covered government, politics, and crime. He moved into sports writing when he joined The Washington Times in 1992. He moved to The Washington Examiner as a sports columnist in 2009 and returned to The Washington Times in 2013, where he is currently the lead sports columnist.

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Columns by Thom Loverro

LOVERRO: Time for Manfred to settle the MASN dispute between Orioles, Nationals

The ongoing high-stakes fight over millions in television revenue between the Nationals and Mid-Atlantic Sports Network and the Orioles almost surely contributed to the Lerners' decision to potentially part with their team. And it's reason enough for the commissioner of baseball to, once and for all, put an end to the squabble. Published May 12, 2022

LOVERRO: Start to this season enough to make anyone sick

Washington Nationals third baseman Lucius Fox took a few steps toward the dugout after Joan Adon's second pitch and threw up. Maybe he had a clue what was to come -- a 15-hit, 12-3 beatdown by the San Francisco Giants, sweeping the Nationals for the first time in Washington since 2008. Published April 24, 2022

LOVERRO: For better or worse, wrist surgery likely sealed Beal’s max deal

Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard should feel comfortable -- very comfortable. After all, the deal for Bradley Beal continuing his career with this franchise was done when Beal had surgery in early February to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist, according to sources. Published April 19, 2022

LOVERRO: Nationals save face by avoiding a season-opening sweep

The season may yet slip away, perhaps sometime soon. After all, the power and glory quotient when you walk into that Nationals clubhouse now is much dimmer than it has been in the past decade. But it didn't slip away Sunday. Not yet. Not yet. What the Nationals did show was the kind of emotion and execution you see in those teams that beat the odds. Published April 10, 2022

LOVERRO: Watson, Hill deals showcase true values of Goodell, NFL owners

Two players whose behavior makes a mockery of Roger Goodell's "important values" received $355 million. Let's stop the pretense. The league, its owners, the front offices and the coaches don't really care about standards and responsibilities. They care about football and the money that football generates. Published March 28, 2022

LOVERRO: Gray wears being a Black starter in majors ‘with pride’

Gray, 24, doesn't presume he has a job in the rotation -- he called it a "potential spot." And there is nothing official yet. But it's likely Gray could be the third or fourth starter in the Nationals' rotation for 2022. If so, he will have the eyes of a city with a strong Black community fixed on him. Published March 16, 2022

LOVERRO: Soto stays grounded as the face of the Nationals’ franchise

It is challenging for Soto to stay grounded as he appears to be, given his rising star status as one of the game's elite players, sometimes compared to Ted Williams. Soto is 23, and there are young players in that clubhouse, some of whom are even older than him, who look at him like that -- a superstar. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said it Sunday -- this is Soto's team. Published March 14, 2022

LOVERRO: Countdown on Rivera’s job begins with Wentz trade

You can start the countdown now for Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera. Start the clock the moment Carson Wentz puts on a Commanders jersey at a press conference and tells everyone how he is looking forward to playing for the coach. Tick, tick, baby -- the job countdown will commence. Published March 10, 2022

LOVERRO: Everett’s future being kept under wraps by Commanders

I didn't learn anything about the only active franchise player, from what I can determine, who has ever been criminally charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 80-year history of the team. I didn't learn why Everett, with Rivera's quest to change the culture, is still on the team. Published March 7, 2022