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Biden-made misery

Some people thrive on misery and pain and want everyone else to be like them. They intimidate, manipulate and lie to destroy normalcy, trying to convince us that this is how life should be. As an independent voter, I have watched the outspoken Democrats try every trick in the book to convince us that chaos and suffering are normal. Published July 6, 2022

Return current supply-side ‘lemon’

From outstanding world leadership to wealth and power during and after World War II, the U.S. has declined and now has levels of unprecedented debt. Current inequity and polarized division are reminiscent of our Civil War era. Published July 6, 2022

Better screening, less divisiveness

There was a tragic mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois -- and the immediate reaction from many legislators was to blame gun manufacturers and demand stricter gun laws. Well, the latter does not work, as proven by the high murder rates in cities with strict gun laws. There are two issues that need to be addressed, investigated and improved upon if a solution to these shootings is to be achieved. Published July 6, 2022


The Biden administration and Congress seem to be overlooking a crucial fact: 50% of global semiconductor chips are made in Taiwan. The largest, most technically advanced and innovative chip manufacturer in the world is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited. Taiwan is not part of China and never has been. If China captures the island, the U.S. economy will be under major threat due to semiconductor shortages. Published July 5, 2022

Illegality by law enforcement ruins us

I read with great alarm "90 U.S. prosecutors vow to ignore abortion laws" (Page 1, July 5). Sanctioned resistance to the rule of law by officials whose duty it is to uphold that law began when local law enforcement refused to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, resulting in sanctuary cities. This scofflaw behavior led to lawlessness on our southern border and eventually to refusals to prosecute many general crimes across the country, notably in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Published July 5, 2022

Lawfully armed citizens stop shooters

The latest mass shooting shows the insanity of far-left Democratic policies that disarm peaceful people while emboldening the crazies and criminal lawlessness in our country ("Highland Park mayor says the U.S. should reexamine its gun laws, values," Web, July 5). Published July 5, 2022

Democratic ‘leadership’ laughable

The globalists have declared that gas and all other pricing in the U.S. will continue to rise daily as long as Russians fight in Ukraine or the economy totally tanks, whichever comes first. Published July 1, 2022

Conservatives’ slanderers go unpunished

From what I am reading, it seems no one in former President Trump's Secret Service detail agrees with former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson's recent hearsay testimony ("Megyn Kelly: 'First-year law student' could discredit Cassidy Hutchinson testimony," Web, June 30). For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Jan. 6 committee even called her as a witness. If Congress wanted anybody to testify, it should have been the Secret Service agents Ms. Hutchinson was supposedly quoting. The only logical reason to have called her would have been to try to prove the agents were lying -- after they had testified. Published July 1, 2022

Zelenko saved thousands

The legacy of New York physician Vladimir Zelenko, who passed away last week at the age of 49, will be that he saved the lives of more than 7,000 COVID-19 patients with his hydroxychloroquine protocol. Of this number, only three died. Published July 1, 2022

A frustrated liberal is a tyrannical socialist

Democrats and their fellow travelers are much more au courant than us hoi polloi, much smarter and sharper ("Want to destroy democracy? Look to the left," Web, June 29). They know pretty much everything about us, especially how slow and old-fashioned we are about religion, moral scruples, the "three Rs" and merit-based advancement. Published June 30, 2022

Darling of left was eugenicist’s dream

I seriously wonder how many of the people screaming in the streets about the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade really know what they are doing. Have any of them read the history behind Planned Parenthood? Do any of them know that Margaret Sanger's sole purpose in founding it was to eradicate the Black population? Published June 30, 2022

We all lost when Biden took the helm

As the Jan. 6 committee hearings drone on about whether the protest on the Capitol was an insurrection, as one of the two-thirds of Republicans who believe the 2020 election was rigged, I have a public challenge to the Democratic Party: If you want to prove there was an insurrection, first prove to me the 2020 election was legitimate ("Jan. 6 select committee degenerates into a racket," Web, June 29). Published June 30, 2022

Court right on praying-coach ruling

So the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Bremerton High School football coach Joseph Kennedy's prayers at the 50-yard line ("High court allows football coach's prayer as private religious expression," Web, June 27). Published June 29, 2022

Compassion, success products of faith

What has happened since the Bible was ejected from public schools and the public square by the Supreme Court in 1962? The steady rise of broken families, divorce, fatherless children and poverty, resulting in drug use, increased crime and a spike in violence. Perhaps now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the Supreme Court has finally seen the light. Published June 29, 2022

Disregard for police life no surprise

As a Baltimore police sergeant lies in the city's shock trauma unit after being dragged for two blocks by a criminal he had stopped, the mayor and police commissioner are decrying an apparent, widespread lack of respect for human (in particular, police) life. Published June 29, 2022

Biden can’t be trusted on China

President Biden is a corrupt, unadulterated liar. He maintains that he had no knowledge of the dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, with foreign governments such as the Communist Chinese government, from which the younger Biden received a multimillion-dollar deal. It was payment for access to a high-level American official, Vice President and later President Biden. Published June 28, 2022

AOC enlightens all with biology lessons

The other day the Times reported that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to educate Republican members of Congress about menstruation ("AOC accuses GOP lawmakers of 'killing women and pregnant people,'" Web, June 26). She is quoted as saying, "What this is about is controlling women's bodies and controlling people who are not cisgender men. This is about making sure that someone like me as a woman, or any menstruating person in this country cannot make decisions over their own body ... " Published June 28, 2022

Say no to left’s ‘gang green’

Gangrene is a medical condition resulting from a lack of blood flow to human flesh. It can be fatal if left untreated. The implementation of drastic, anti-fossil-fuel policies on behalf of the Democrats' Green New Deal gang has resulted in an analogous economic affliction. Published June 28, 2022

Radical left happy to get violent

Watching the dissent over the Supreme Court rulings on abortion and hand-gun carry laws, two things became clear ("Supreme Court justices apply originalism as test for constitutional challenges on abortion, guns," Web, June 26). First, the fanatical left does not respect the democratic system the founders set up. Second, if they could, the progressives would support a totalitarian federal government as long as leftists held power. Published June 27, 2022

Many ways to prevent pregnancy

Even though I have always been pro-choice, I am glad that the Supreme Court justices stood their ground in the face of harassment and intimidation outside of their homes -- and even an assassination attempt on Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh ("States divided on abortion restrictions, future uncertain in many places," Web, June 26). And besides, it isn't as though abortions are all together illegal now. Published June 27, 2022