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Guy Taylor

Guy Taylor is the National Security Team Leader at The Washington Times, overseeing the paper's State Department, Pentagon and intelligence coverage. He has reported from dozens of countries and been a guest on the BBC, CNN, NPR, FOX, C-SPAN and The McLaughlin Group.

A series Mr. Taylor led on the motives and fallout around Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. election was recognized with a Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency, and a Society for Professional Journalists award. In 2012, he won a Virginia Press Association award for reporting on political, economic and security developments in Mexico.

Prior to joining The Times in 2011, Mr. Taylor's was supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the Fund For Investigative Journalism. He wrote for a variety publications, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to Salon, Reason, Prospect, the Daily Star of Beirut, the Jerusalem Post and the St. Petersburg Times. He also served as an
editor at World Politics Review, wrote for America's Quarterly and produced videos and feature stories for Agence France-Presse.

Mr. Taylor is a graduate of Clark University and was part of a team who won a Society of Professional Journalists award for their reporting on the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

He can be reached at [email protected].

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Articles by Guy Taylor

China lashes out against ‘Asian version of NATO’

The decision by NATO leaders for the first time to highlight the global security threat posed by China has triggered outrage in Beijing, where the Chinese foreign ministry on Thursday accused the Western military alliance of pushing a narrative that "distorts the truth" and "promotes confrontation" between the West and China. Published June 30, 2022

Biden, others vow at G-7 to back Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’

The U.S. and other economically powerful democracies vowed to back Ukraine for "as long as it takes" Monday, promising to expand sanctions on Russia and increase sophisticated weapons deliveries amid a resurgence of missile attacks by Russian forces, including the first strikes in weeks that have hit civilian targets in Kyiv. Published June 27, 2022

Iran speech offers glimpse at a Pence foreign policy

Former Vice President Mike Pence sharply criticized what he called the Biden's administration's "weakness" on foreign policy Thursday, slamming the administration's "disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan" and arguing that White House "appeasement" of Iran is backfiring. Published June 23, 2022

U.S. officials shine spotlight on China’s repression of Uygur Muslims

The United States is pushing to "strengthen international coordination" against the Chinese government's human rights abuses, with a specific focus on banning products made with forced labor in China's Xinjiang region, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday. Published June 21, 2022

Chinese, Russian influence drown out democracy with African coups

A surge in the number of military coups that have brought down democratic governments across Africa can be traced to China's rising regional and global influence, according to regional experts, who also blame successive U.S. administrations for failing to develop a more coherent strategy for investing in and bolstering democracy on the continent. Published June 16, 2022

Biden muted at summit as China extends clout across hemisphere

Hopes that the United States could seize on this week's Summit of the Americas to counter China's growing influence and investment clout in Latin America appear to be falling flat -- and the Biden administration may have itself to blame. Published June 9, 2022

Biden’s ‘patience’ policy with North Korea not working, key GOP voice says

President Biden's embrace of an Obama-era policy of "Strategic Patience 2.0" toward North Korea isn't working, according to a leading Senate Republican voice on foreign policy, who argues the administration needs to take a more active stance on the ballistic missile and nuclear weapons threat emanating from Pyongyang. Published June 7, 2022

UAE-Israel free-trade deal latest fruit of U.S.-backed ‘Abraham Accords’

Israel and the United Arab Emirates inked a precedent-setting free trade deal on Tuesday, the latest in a continuing series of diplomatic breakthroughs stemming from the "Abraham Accords" that were brokered by the Trump administration and greatly eased the Jewish state's historic isolation in the Arab world. Published May 31, 2022

Iran-Israel tension rises over assassination in Tehran

Tension between Israel and Iran ratcheted higher over the weekend, with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett saying Tehran can expect to "pay the full price" for backing militant proxies that target Israel and others around the Middle East. Published May 29, 2022

Chinese and Russian aggression looms large over ‘Quad’ summit in Tokyo

U.S. President Biden and other leaders of the "Quad" strategic group with India, Australia and Japan issued a carefully worded warning Tuesday to China, which has triggered unease in recent years by building military bases on disputed islands in the South China Sea. Published May 24, 2022

China, North Korea cast shadow over Biden Asia mission

President Biden will attempt to project harmony and unity of purpose among Indo-Pacific democracies and underscore America's security commitment to Asia during a six-day visit to South Korea and Japan this week, amid criticism from a wary China and concerns that North Korea may try to derail the trip with a nuclear test. Published May 19, 2022