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Bill Gertz

Bill Gertz is a national security correspondent for The Washington Times. He has been with The Times since 1985.

He is the author of eight books, four of them national best-sellers. His latest book, "Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China's Drive for Global Supremacy," reveals details about the growing threat posed by the People's Republic of China. He is also the author of the ebook "How China's Communist Party Made the World Sick."

Mr. Gertz also writes Inside the Ring, a weekly column that chronicles the U.S. national security bureaucracy.

Mr. Gertz has been a guest lecturer at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va.; the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia; the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington; and the Brookings Institution in Washington. He has participated in the National Security Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

He studied English literature at Washington College in Chestertown, Md., and journalism at George Washington University. He is married and has two daughters.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Bill Gertz

Congress to restore nuclear cruise missile funds

Biden administration anti-nuclear policymakers suffered a bipartisan rebuke as Congress voted to reverse Pentagon plans to eliminate a nuclear-tipped, sea-launched cruise missile. Published June 22, 2022

China to U.S.: Leave communist system alone

A senior Chinese Communist Party official this week repeated Beijing's demand that the United States not seek to overthrow the communist system. Published June 15, 2022

Resistance group defends extreme methods to save planet

The group leading the resistance to the lithium Nevada mine proposal is openly, defiantly outside the American mainstream -- against capitalism, against industrialization and electrification, and "proudly Luddite in character." Published June 14, 2022

China conducts two threatening aerial intercepts

Tensions between China's military and two U.S. allies increased recently after People's Liberation Army fighter planes conducted what officials say were dangerous aerial encounters. Published June 8, 2022

Biden: U.S. committed to arms control despite Chinese, Russian advances

Arms control remains a central focus of Biden administration national security policy despite a nuclear weapons "breakout" by China and the deployment of cutting-edge new strategic weapons by Russia not covered by the New START Treaty, President Biden said in a letter Thursday. Published June 2, 2022

Northcom: Threats to U.S. homeland surging

The commander of the Pentagon's Northern Command recently told Congress that the United States faces growing threats of attack from China, Russia and North Korea. Published June 1, 2022

U.S. spy agencies warned not to discriminate against Chinese Americans

The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies are not permitted to consider Chinese Americans as a greater security threat despite their targeting by China's intelligence service for recruitment, according to a report made public Tuesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Published May 31, 2022

North Korea built up nuclear, missile power during pandemic

North Korea continued to build missiles and nuclear weapons during the pandemic and now has nuclear missiles capable of striking the United States, the commander of U.S. Forces Korea disclosed recently in congressional testimony. Published May 25, 2022

Nuclear deterrence at risk from aging strategic forces and warheads

U.S. strategic missiles, bombers and submarines are old and operating beyond their technical life expectancies, and replacements and upgraded warheads are needed urgently to deter growing nuclear threats from China, Russia and North Korea, according to military and defense officials. Published May 24, 2022

Russia to deploy nuclear-armed drone torpedo

Russia's navy later this year will deploy a drone torpedo armed with a megaton-class nuclear warhead capable of destroying entire cities or ports, according to the commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. Published May 18, 2022

DIA: Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered

Army Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed in prepared Senate testimony this week that some U.S. intelligence agencies -- not identified by name -- believe the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic may have been genetically modified in a laboratory and not transmitted naturally from an animal host in China, where it was first identified. Published May 11, 2022