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Ben Wolfgang

Ben Wolfgang covers the Pentagon, military and foreign affairs for The Washington Times.

Previously, he covered energy and the environment, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, and also spent two years as a White House correspondent during the Obama administration.

Before coming to The Times in 2011, Ben worked as political reporter at The Republican-Herald in Pottsville, Pa.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Ben Wolfgang

How Putin’s war in Ukraine has backfired spectacularly

ANALYSIS: Russia's invasion of Ukraine was designed to topple the government in Kyiv, fracture NATO and cement Moscow's status as a fearsome 21st-century military machine and an irreplaceable energy kingpin that could use its oil and gas reserves to bully Europe. Published May 12, 2022

Ukrainian counteroffensive puts Russian supply lines at risk

Russia pounded the port cities of Mariupol and Odesa with missile strikes on Tuesday while Ukrainian forces launched a fierce counteroffensive to the north and reportedly pushed Russian troops back toward their border, as the two sides reach what U.S. intelligence officials say could be a prolonged "stalemate" that lasts for months or even years. Published May 10, 2022

Putin defends Ukraine war as Russia faces manpower shortages, global outrage

Russian President Vladimir Putin defended his war in Ukraine on Monday and likened the conflict to last century's fight against Nazi Germany, but the Kremlin faces serious questions about its ability to replenish its ranks as casualties mount and its wartime tactics face growing scrutiny at home and abroad. Published May 9, 2022

Swedish officials visit Washington as country edges closer to NATO

Top Swedish officials visited Washington Wednesday as their country weighs whether to join NATO, a move that would ratchet up tensions with Moscow even higher while also exposing divisions across Europe over the future of the alliance and its proper role amid Russia's war in Ukraine. Published May 4, 2022

Angry Putin wields energy, nuclear threats against West

Russian President Vladimir Putin cut off natural gas supplies to two key NATO nations, Poland and Bulgaria, on Wednesday and threatened a "lightning-fast" military response against anyone who interferes with Russia's assault on Ukraine, pushing the fallout from the already devastating war deeper into Europe and threatening to accelerate a global energy crunch. Published April 27, 2022

Mariupol on the brink as Russians seek breakthrough

Defenders in Mariupol are desperately short on supplies and may lose control of the city within days or less, Ukrainian military officials said Wednesday, as their Russian foes ramped up a non-stop bombardment of the strategically vital port city and inched closer to what would be the first major prize so far in Moscow's two-month war. Published April 20, 2022

‘Think twice’: Putin threatens West as Russia tests new ICBM

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the West on Wednesday just hours after his military tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile system, warning that any nation opposing the Kremlin should "think twice" about its actions. Published April 20, 2022

Backfire: Sweden, Finland eye NATO in reaction to Russian invasion

Finland and Sweden signaled Wednesday that they may announce plans to apply to join NATO within a matter of weeks, dealing a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin's hopes of weakening the Western military alliance and offering further evidence that the alleged atrocities committed by Mr. Putin's troops in Ukraine have only hardened anti-Russian sentiment across the West. Published April 13, 2022

Defiant Putin vows victory in Ukraine, denies atrocities

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed Tuesday to press on with his military campaign in Ukraine, casting it as a "noble" mission that will end in victory and setting the stage for what is likely to be the bloodiest fighting so far as regrouping Russian troops mount a concentrated assault on the disputed Donbas region. Published April 12, 2022