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Transportation & Infrastructure

Coverage of the Department of Transportation and everything related to the nation's infrastructure.

Boeing will move its headquarters to D.C. area from Chicago

- Associated Press

Boeing Co. said Thursday it will move its headquarters from Chicago to the Washington, D.C., area, where company executives would be closer to key federal government officials.

CDC’s mask mandate extension keeps legal fights alive

- The Washington Times

The lead plaintiff in a group of cases aiming to end the federal transportation mask mandate is vowing to continue the legal fight as the Biden administration extended the face-covering requirement on Wednesday for another two weeks.

3 dead in snowy pileup of dozens of vehicles in Pennsylvania

Associated Press

Tractor-trailers and other vehicles lost control and slammed into each other, people leapt away from careering trucks seconds before collision, and at least three people were killed and more than a dozen others injured during a snow squall on a Pennsylvania highway Monday.

Delta suspends codesharing with Russia’s Aeroflot carrier

Associated Press

Delta Air Lines has suspended its codesharing partnership with Russian national airline Aeroflot following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - and some Baltic and European nations announced the closure of their airspace to Russian carriers.

Google to work with Ford on Detroit research hub

- Associated Press

Ford Motor Co. announced Friday that Google is joining the automaker’s effort to transform a once-dilapidated Detroit train station into a research hub focused on electric and self-driving vehicles.

Buttigieg vows help as U.S. car fatalities keep spiking higher

- Associated Press

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is vowing to help stem rising traffic fatalities, releasing a broad-based strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads and boosting car safety features such as automatic emergency braking.

After 8,000 Delta employees infected with COVID-19, airline sees recovery

- Associated Press

Delta Air Lines lost $408 million in the final quarter of 2021, dragged down by a COVID-19 surge that rocked the airline in December, and the carrier predicted Thursday that it will suffer one more quarterly loss before travel perks up in spring and summer.

Uber rider gets $600 bill after I-95 shutdown

Associated Press

Hundreds of people were trapped on an icy stretch of Interstate 95 in Virginia this week, but after Andrew Peters of Richmond finally made it home, he was hit with a giant Uber bill.

Virginia officials defend response to snowy gridlock on I-95

- Associated Press

A winter storm that started as rain — meaning roads couldn’t be pretreated — followed by an unusually heavy snowfall and plunging temperatures resulted in the stranding of hundreds of motorists along a stretch of one of the nation’s biggest interstate highways, Virginia officials said, as they defended their response to the gridlock.