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Second Amendment & Gun Control

The latest news coverage, opinion and information on Second Amendment rights and gun control. The Second Amendment states "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed..."

Grand jury indicts man in Buffalo supermarket shooting

- Associated Press

The White man charged with murdering 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo appeared briefly in court Thursday after a grand jury indicted him on a first-degree murder charge.

Pro-gun group grows into potent political force in Oklahoma

- Associated Press

The most potent political forces aren’t always the long-established organizations that have groomed candidates and advanced legislation for decades. In the current climate, little-known outsiders, even without pedigree or money, can become powerbrokers quickly if connected to incendiary issues like guns or abortion.

2nd man arrested on gun charges in Sacramento mass shooting

- Associated Press

A second suspect was arrested Tuesday in connection to the mass shooting in Sacramento that killed six people and wounded 12 in California’s capital, and police say he is the brother of the first suspect.

California police search for shooters who killed 6, hurt 12

- Associated Press

The usual crowds filled the streets as bars and nightclubs were closing in California’s capital city of Sacramento when the sound of rapid-fire gunshots sent people running in terror. In a matter of seconds, the latest U.S. mass shooting had left six people dead and 12 wounded.

Slain Virginia reporter remembered as dedicated, ambitious

Sierra Jenkins was a young Black journalist working in a rapidly shrinking industry where colleagues often didn’t look like her. But Jenkins, 25, was exactly where she wanted to be, covering social issues and education for her hometown newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia.

U.S. gunmakers help Ukrainians fight back against Putin

- Associated Press

Adrian Kellgren’s family-owned gun company in Florida was left holding a $200,000 shipment of semi-automatic rifles after a longtime customer in Ukraine suddenly went silent during Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Judge rejects New York AG’s bid to shutter NRA

- Associated Press

A judge has rejected an effort by New York’s attorney general to put the National Rifle Association out of business, but will allow her lawsuit accusing top executives of illegally diverting tens of millions of dollars from the powerful gun advocacy organization to proceed.

Judge to rule if Michigan school shooter stays in adult jail

- Associated Press

A 15-year-old boy charged with fatally shooting four fellow students at his Michigan high school also wrote of raping and killing a girl at the school, prosecutors said Tuesday during a hearing to decide if he remains in an adult jail.

After $73M win, Sandy Hook families zero in on gun marketing

- Associated Press

After agreeing to a $73 million lawsuit settlement with gun-maker Remington, the families of nine Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims say they are shifting their focus to ending firearms advertising with macho, military themes that exploit young men’s insecurities, all in the hopes of preventing more mass shootings.

Biden anti-crime strategy to focus on guns, community support

- The Washington Times

Responding to the surge in homicides across the country, President Biden on Thursday will outline an anti-crime strategy in New York that cracks down on the flow of illegal guns, boosts funding for police and increases support for programs that assist recently released convicts.

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother: Hate crimes plea deal is a betrayal

- Associated Press

The son and father convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery have reached a plea agreement that could avoid their trial on federal hate crime charges. Arbery’s parents denounced the deal as a betrayal and called on the judge to reject it.

San Jose approves first U.S. insurance law for gun owners

- Associated Press

A California city voted Tuesday night to require gun owners to carry liability insurance in what’s believed to be the first measure of its kind in the United States.

Texas synagogue hostage-taker had stayed in area shelters

- Associated Press

An armed man who took four people hostage during a 10-hour standoff at a Texas synagogue had spent time in area homeless shelters in the two weeks leading up to the attack and was dropped off at one by someone he appeared to know.

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California: Gun Control in the Budget

Published June 23 2020

Tomorrow, June 24, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee will be hearing several budget trailer bills including Assembly Bill 88 relating to the public safety budget.

Hawaii: More Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled!

Published June 23 2020

Despite pressing issues the state is facing surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, lawmakers are continuing the assault on our Second Amendment Freedoms, scheduling additional anti-gun bills for a hearing this week. The House Pubic Safety and Judiciary Committees are holding a joint hearing on Wednesday, June 24 to hear SB 2635 and SB 3054.  Additionally as reported, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering HB 1902 and HB 2744 on Thursday, June 25. 

Supreme Court’s Inaction Frustrates Second Amendment Supporters, Emboldens Anti-gun Activists

Published June 22 2020

Gun owners are by now used to being disappointed with the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to uphold their rights or even to defend its own Second Amendment precedents. But the court’s neglect reached a new low last Monday, with its sweeping decision to deny review of the many Second Amendment cases pending on its docket.  

Legal Reckoning for Jackson, MS Mayor’s Foolish Carry Ban

Published June 22 2020

As we reported earlier, Chokwe Lumumba, the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, announced an executive order on April 24 as part of his response to the COVID-19 civil emergency. The order prohibited the “carrying of an unconcealed loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver or any other firearm, carried upon the person or in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster or in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case, with such pistol, revolver, or firearm being wholly or partially visible.”