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Politically Unstable Podcast

Where news and commentary collide. Get the best of Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt’s irreverent conservatism as he hashes out the big stories of the day with host Andy Parks.

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Recent Stories

Mrs. Greene goes to Washington

- The Washington Times

Say what you want about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but one thing is for sure. The "political bad girl" has not gone all Washington on her constituents back home in Georgia.

Democrats' hypocrisy on election security exposed

- The Washington Times

As Democrats in Congress push several bills federalizing state elections and loosening voting regulations, Republicans over at the America First Policy Institute compiled examples of Democrats -- from Vice President Kamala Harris to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont -- spreading claims of hacked elections.

New front in attack on Trump

- The Washington Times

Remember back in 2016 when we suffered through endless, tedious lectures from a magazine called National Review about how former President Donald Trump was such a threat to the Republican Party?

Dust Bowl Democrats

- The Washington Times

Once again, political bad girl Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene proves herself the smartest person in Congress.