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Homeland & Cybersecurity

The latest coverage of the Department of Homeland Security and cyber threats around the globe.

DHS under fire over pick to lead new ‘disinformation’ board

- The Washington Times

Former Homeland Security Department leaders warned that the Biden administration had unleashed Orwellian thought police on Americans after the department revealed that its “disinformation” board to stop online misinformation is run by a woman who has spread disinformation and questioned First Amendment rights.

Congress seeks compromise to boost computer chip industry

- Associated Press

A global computer chip shortage has made it harder for consumers to get their hands on cars, computers and other modern-day necessities, so Congress is looking to boost chip manufacturing and research in the United States with billions of dollars from the federal government.

Texas strikes deal with Mexican state to police border

- The Washington Times

A Mexican governor promised Wednesday to deploy his own police to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he’ll cancel some of the enhanced commercial traffic inspections that had clogged the ports of entry into the state.

Federal judge rules Biden’s lax deportation policy is illegal

- The Washington Times

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas broke the law when he wrote new rules limiting which illegal immigrants can be arrested or deported, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, slapping an injunction on ICE that will limit its ability to pick and choose whom to target.

Biden administration warns of Russian cyberattack

- The Washington Times

The White House on Monday echoed its warnings that Russia could launch a cyberattack on American companies and infrastructure in retaliation for economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. over Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

D.C. Metro social media hacked

- The Washington Times

Two of the Metro’s main Twitter accounts were hacked Monday morning, changing the @WMATA handle to “Blueface Da Bus” and posting explicit tweets.