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New age of war: Russia-Ukraine conflict reshapes battlefield

- The Washington Times

The century-old concept of moving huge armored convoys along open roads may be too dangerous on today’s high-tech battlefields. Military supply lines are more vulnerable than ever before given the massive leaps in surveillance capabilities and precision weapons.

Putin’s troubled war sees battlefield, diplomatic reverses

- The Washington Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nearly 3-month-old invasion of neighboring Ukraine suffered reverses on the battlefield and in the halls of power Sunday as long-neutral Finland said it would apply to join the NATO military alliance and neighboring Sweden signaled it wouldn’t be far behind.

How Putin’s war in Ukraine has backfired spectacularly

- The Washington Times

ANALYSIS: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was designed to topple the government in Kyiv, fracture NATO and cement Moscow’s status as a fearsome 21st-century military machine and an irreplaceable energy kingpin that could use its oil and gas reserves to bully Europe.