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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic updates

The latest news and commentary on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

NOTE: As the world adjusts to COVID-19, research continues on its origins, the effectiveness of masks, vaccines and boosters, new variants, workplace policies, politics and much more. The Washington Times is committed to accuracy in our reporting of the coronavirus. We continue to explore how COVID-19 affects us here in the United States and around the world. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to update its guidance on coronavirus (available here) with information geared toward parents, employers, healthcare professionals and consumers. They also offer a COVID data tracker here where you can explore vaccination trends, levels of community spread and other valuable tools for making healthy choices for you and your family.

For more detailed information on total cases, total deaths, global maps and dashboards, visit the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center here.

Click on the maps below for more information on coronavirus cases by state and vaccinations by county, and for a fuller picture of COVID-19, scroll down for the most recent reporting from The Washington Times.

Recent Stories

Arizona governor OK's ban on school COVID-19 vaccines

- Associated Press

Arizona's Republican governor has signed legislation that will prevent state health officials from ever adding a COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required school inoculations and bar face mask mandates in any buildings operated by state or local governments.

COVID-19, shootings: Is mass death now tolerated in America?

- Associated Press

After mass shootings killed and wounded people grocery shopping, going to church and simply living their lives last weekend, the nation marked a milestone of 1 million deaths from COVID-19. The number, once unthinkable, is now an irreversible reality in the United States - like the persistent reality of gun violence that kills tens of thousands of people a year.

North Korea reports more fevers as Kim claims virus progress

- Associated Press

North Korea said Saturday it found nearly 220,000 more people with feverish symptoms, even as leader Kim Jong Un claimed progress in slowing a largely undiagnosed spread of COVID-19 across his unvaccinated populace and hinted at easing virus restrictions to nurse a decaying economy.

Shanghai to reopen subways in easing of COVID restrictions

Associated Press

The locked-down Chinese metropolis of Shanghai will reopen four of its 20 subway lines Sunday as it slowly eases pandemic restrictions that have kept most residents in their housing complexes for more than six weeks.

Tea and infomercials: N. Korea fights COVID with few tools

- Associated Press

Despite what the North's propaganda is describing as an all-out effort, the fear is palpable among citizens, according to defectors in South Korea with contacts in the North.

North Korea boasts COVID-19 recovery as WHO worries over missing data

- Associated Press

North Korea on Wednesday added hundreds of thousands of infections to its growing pandemic caseload but also said that a million people have already recovered from suspected COVID-19 just a week after disclosing an outbreak, a public health crisis it appears to be trying to manage in isolation as global experts express deep concern about dire consequences.

Students protest as discontent rises over China's zero-COVID

- Associated Press

Graduate students at Peking University staged the rare, but peaceful protest Sunday over the school's decision to erect a sheet-metal wall to keep them further sequestered on campus, while allowing faculty to come and go freely.

New U.S. hospitals face fiscal crisis over COVID relief money

- Associated Press

Now deep in the red two years into the pandemic, the 29-bed, $40 million hospital with a soaring, sun-drenched lobby and 110 employees is among three medical centers in the United States that say they are missing out on millions in federal pandemic relief money because the facilities are so new they lack full financial statements from before the crisis to prove how much it cost them.

Most of Shanghai has ended coronavirus spread; 1M left in lockdown

Associated Press

Most of Shanghai has stopped the spread of the coronavirus in the community and fewer than 1 million people remain under strict lockdown, authorities said Monday, as the city moves toward reopening and economic data showed the gloomy impact of China's "zero-COVID" policy.

North Korea reports 15 more COVID-19 suspected deaths

- Associated Press

North Korea has confirmed 15 more deaths and hundreds of thousands of additional patients with flu-like symptoms as it mobilizes more than a million health and other workers to try to suppress the country's first COVID-19 outbreak, state media reported Sunday.

4 Air Force cadets may not graduate due to vaccine refusal

- Associated Press

Four cadets at the Air Force Academy may not graduate or be commissioned as military officers this month because they have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, and they may be required to pay back thousands of dollars in tuition costs, according to Air Force officials.

What's behind North Korea's COVID-19 admission?

- Associated Press

Its surprise admission this week has left many outsiders wondering just how bad things really are, and there's rising worry that it could cause a major humanitarian crisis in a country with one of the world's worst public medical infrastructures.

US 'vulnerable' to COVID without new shots: AP Interview

- Associated Press

White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha has issued a dire warning that the U.S. will be increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus this fall and winter if Congress doesn't swiftly approve new funding for more vaccines and treatments.

North Korea reports 6 deaths after admitting COVID-19 outbreak

Associated Press

Six people have died and 350,000 have been treated for a fever that has spread "explosively" across North Korea, state media said Friday, a day after the country acknowledged a COVID-19 outbreak for the first time in the pandemic.

Biden tells global leaders to resist COVID-19 complacency

- The Washington Times

President Biden told global leaders Thursday to contend with both the coronavirus and complacency by expanding COVID-19 vaccinations and thwarting variants that could disrupt the shift to post-pandemic life, even as he grumbled that lawmakers at home were stymying his own ambitions.

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles amid 1st virus outbreak

- Associated Press

North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles toward the sea on Thursday, South Korea's military said, in the latest of a series of weapons demonstrations this year that came just hours after it confirmed its first case of the coronavirus since the pandemic began.

DIA: Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered

- The Washington Times

Army Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed in prepared Senate testimony this week that some U.S. intelligence agencies -- not identified by name -- believe the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic may have been genetically modified in a laboratory and not transmitted naturally from an animal host in China, where it was first identified.

Tribes credited with elevating vaccinations in rural Arizona

- Associated Press

Mary Francis had no qualms about being a poster child for COVID-19 vaccinations on the Navajo Nation, once a virus hot spot. The Navajo woman's face and words grace a digital flyer asking people on the Native American reservation to get vaccinated "to protect the shidine'e (my people)."

Recent Commentary Columns

Bill Gates tees up COVID boosters forever

- The Washington Times

Bill Gates said those over the ages of "50 or 60" will "probably have to get boosted every six months" until "we get even better vaccines." That was after he revealed how sucky the current slate of shots are by admitting he just tested positive for COVID-19, despite having four doses.

COVID cases climb -- yawn!

- The Washington Times

The number of positive test COVID-19 cases have spiked among attendees of the White House correspondents' dinner, and newspapers the nation over have been sounding the alarms, raising a ruckus, blaring the warnings. But here's the thing: So what? So freaking what?

Americans must demand pre-pandemic normalcy

- The Washington Times

If Americans are waiting for a return to pre-pandemic normalcies, then the wait's going to be a long one. Interminably long. Try never. Americans must demand their pre-pandemic freedoms. Expecting the government to return them is a plan of futility.

Kamala Harris just the latest COVID-19 vaccine failure

- The Washington Times

Vice President Kamala Harris just tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, despite receiving two booster shots -- the latest on April 1 -- and despite wearing a face mask pretty much everywhere she went. So, not to be rude, but what's the point of getting the shot?

Democrats' dance with face mask stupid

- The Washington Times

A new poll from The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 56% of Americans want to keep in place face mask mandates for airplane, bus, subway and public transportation travelers and staffers. Unsurprisingly, most are Democrats.