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Capitol Hill Show

Washington Times Opinion contributor Tim Constantine goes one-on-one with the people you want to hear from in Washington. Get the real story, directly from the source, on The Capitol Hill Show.

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Recent Stories

America has a stalker: The Democrats

Merriam Webster defines the word Stalker as "a person who pursues someone obsessively and aggressively to the point of harassment." Stalkers have often experienced unrequited love, that is, having feelings of affection, real or imagined, for another that are not returned. Often the stalker begins with gentle, loving gestures such as flowers and sweet words, but when the object of their affection isn't open to his or her advances, the stalker is stunned and hurt.

The tragic suicide of Mickey Mouse

Corporate logos are, in many ways, the face of a business. Much like when you unexpectedly recognize a friend from your old neighborhood it puts you at ease, a familiar corporate image can provide a sense of comfort, safety and security.

Biden's oil fix is like teenage binge drinking

Roughly forty years ago, while enjoying the various relatively innocent components of my high school years including Student Council, JV Basketball and Speech Club, I had a surprisingly deep conversation with a close friend who had managed to develop a habit of drinking alcohol to excess nearly every weekend. I couldn't understand the appeal of such reckless behavior and shared my concern. My friend explained that the buzz provided by the booze helped him escape his perceived problems, at least for a few hours. I remember staring him straight in the eye and earnestly asking, "...but aren't the problems still there when you've sobered up?"