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Biden’s red energy plan

- The Washington Times

The more President Joe Biden sends America down the path of green energy, the more power he puts in the hands of communist China to dominate the world stage. The greener America goes, the redder America grows.

Bill Gates wants $1 billion annually to prevent next pandemic

- The Washington Times

Bill Gates said he knows how to prevent the next pandemic — but it’ll cost you $1 billion annually. He’s putting into play the next wave of virus lockdowns; the next stage of health emergency orders; the next phase of seizing individual liberties from free American citizens.

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Election audits should be required in every state after every election

Financial audits are standard practice in the business world. Election audits also should be standard practice in every state after every election. Audits would determine whether the election was administered honestly, fairly, accurately and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Is criminal justice reform dead?

Republicans are generally thought of as being tough on crime, at times to a fault. Democrats, in contrast, are often portrayed as willing to let people avoid responsibility for their actions.

The Supreme Court and baseball: You can't just make up the rules

I have been an avid Kansas City Royals fan since boyhood. It has not always been easy, as the Royals have made the playoffs only twice since 1985. This year is sadly typical by Royals standards. They currently have the third-worst record in all of Major League Baseball (MLB). My love for the organization continues nonetheless.

Is Biden compromised by China?

- The Washington Times

Now that Hunter Biden's laptop has been authenticated, a very troubling narrative is emerging: Credible evidence that President Biden is compromised by China.

Women -- don't take Pelosi's bait!

"Republicans want to control women." Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't waste a second politicizing the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

U.S. must lead in shaping the future of the world

Altruism is a virtue. But altruism is not a serious basis for foreign policy. So, if you support Ukraine's resistance to Russian conquest only because it's a David-vs.-Goliath struggle you're a good person. But you're not thinking seriously about foreign policy.

American liberty secured by structural protections in Constitution

We often celebrate the fundamental freedoms articulated in the Bill of Rights and advance the notion that the liberties secured to us as Americans therein are somehow unique or particular to the American experiment. That is not completely correct.