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Not all men and women who fight to keep abortion legal and easily accessed are socialists.

But many are. 

The Democratic Socialists of America has put out the call for organization members and supporters to get in the streets and demand, demand, demand unfettered access to abortion.

This is such a socialist game plan. Abortion plays right into the strategies of far leftists to tear down this country by tearing down the foundations of this country: the family, godly values, Judeo-Christian principles, solid morals and virtues that don’t change based on the whims of the human heart. Founders warned this democratic-republic would only last so long as its people were moral; limited government cannot live for long in a society of immoral people.

The wailings of the socialists over abortion should be seen as signs of American decline.

“They Have The Courts, We Have The People,” ran one recent headline from from the Democratic Socialists of America, the nation’s leading socialist organizations.

In reference to the leaked Supreme Court opinion that suggested justices might be sending Roe v. Wade back to the states to decide — where it rightly belongs, by the way — the DSA wrote: “[T]his cannot stand. The time to hit the streets is now: we call on all DSA chapters, members, and electeds to mobilize immediately against this violent attack on abortion rights.”

Violent attack on abortion rights?

There’s yet one more example of the left being guilty of what it accuses. The DSA’s next sentence — “Commit to this fight here” — links to a new web pate that calls for organized, “mass movements” “in the streets” and “around the country.”

The end game?

The DSA demands federal legislation declaring and protecting abortion as a “human right” — like breathing, except not for the babies.

The DSA demands the Senate abolish the filibuster if needed, in order to bring about this legislation.

The DSA demands the “liberation of all people having freedom and control over their own lives and bodies,” that is to say, abortion on demand. That’s not hyperbole; the really do.

“[J]oin us in fighting,” the DSA wrote. “Free abortion on demand and without apology.”

It’s amazing how far America has strayed from founding principles and traditional values.

It’s astonishing how accepting Americans have become of evil dressed as good.

“We are committed to the liberation of all people having freedom and control over their own lives and bodies,” DSA wrote, of abortion. “Nothing less.”

The lie is that women already have control over their own lives and bodies — by choosing abstinence, for example, over promiscuity. Angry feminists don’t want to hear that viewpoint, though. Angry feminists want the same “rights” as men for carefree, recreational sex without consequences — at least, without consequences in this secular world.

But women are being destroyed by abortion. They’re being degraded as objects of sex and play; their roles as mothers and caretakers are being devalued and scoffed. And men are being pulled further and further down a path of wickedness by an abortion-loving segment of society that says females are to have fun with, not marry, not raise families with, not hold in high regard as partners in life. And guess who benefits from this tear-down of womanhood, family and society?

The socialists.

The far leftists who only want to destroy America and bring about a nation of godless collectivism.

Abortion is truly a socialist’s best friend.

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