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BOOK REVIEW: 'Five Decembers'

As a teenage sailor, I served aboard an aircraft carrier in the early 1970s during the Vietnam War.

Review: 'Garbo' a mesmerizing look at film's greatest enigma

- Associated Press

Coming a century after the Swedish actress' film debut, Robert Gottlieb's biography of Greta Garbo is a classic movie lover's dream. Enriching his insightful reconsideration of Garbo's life and career are wonderful photos, a selection of essays from the past, and anecdotes from those who encountered the enigmatic star.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Ian Fleming's War: The Inspiration of 007'

Ian Fleming, the late, great thriller writer who created Bond, was a British naval intelligence officer in World War II, and much of what he experienced during the war found its way into his James Bond thrillers.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Countdown Bin Laden'

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and Mitch Weiss have written an exciting book about the 247-day build-up to the Navy SEALs' historic raid on the compound in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Daughter of the Morning Star'

Although the series "Longmire" ended on Netflix, fans of the modern Western Sheriff Walt Longmire can still read Craig Johnson's popular crime series of novels.

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Origin of the Virus'

You would think that uncovering the origin of an event that killed millions of people, took down major economies, and dramatically altered lifestyles would be of top priority to global leaders of free societies. You would be wrong.

BOOK REVIEW: 'Tiger in the Sea'

In this fascinating, gripping, and detailed 'minute-by-minute account, the author, Mr. Murray's son-in-law, describes the desperate and brave struggle to land a burning American Flying Tiger Super Constellation passenger aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean.